Virgo Characteristics

Virgo Characteristics – Overview

  • Vedic name: कन्या (Kannya)
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Character: Dual nature
  • Direction: South
  • Sex: Female
  • Caste: Vaishya
  • Nature: Saumya(sober)
  • Part of KaalPurush: Stomach
  • Rashi Gem: Emerald
  • Favorable Color: Green
  • Auspicious Days: Sunday, Wednesday
  • Favorable Deity: Ganapati
  • Fasting Day: Wednesday
  • Favorable Number: Five
  • Favorable Dates: 5-14-23
  • Friendly Sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
  • Enemy Sign: Cancer
  • Specific Personality: Dual compromising nature, learned, critic
  • Good Attitude: Always active, practical knowledge
  • Negative Attitude: Fault-finding, negative thoughts, quarrelsome

Virgo Physical & Mental Traits

The Virgos are generally studious by nature and take keen interest in earning knowledge in various subjects. In society they have a scholarly image. Virtuous they are, they have extra attraction towards women. Their luck helps them powerfully and by little labor they manage to achieve their worldly targets and enjoy an affluent life. By their intellectual brilliance they are able to crack even the hardest nut or problem. Their sharp intelligence manages to solve even the trickiest problem.

They carry a deep-rooted reverence for their parents whom they would serve lovingly. Their childhood is mostly full of struggle but later on they lead a happy and comfortable life. Endowed with high level of personal excellence or Parakrama, they achieve their worldly targets by dint of their hard work and intelligence. They have an aura of brilliance around them. But they would do well if they shed their aggressive stance occasionally. They have a kind-hearted response for others.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. It can be seen near the Sun at the time of sunrise or sunset. Owing to proximity with the Sun, it acquires an inherent brilliance. The Virgo people are very handsome or beautiful and equally clever.

Virgo Career And Finance

Virgo sign is dual sign, symbolizing bipeds with predominance of airy element. Its natural liking is for studies and learning crafty science. But its people always try to ensure their success and progress with honor.

Generally, Virgo people are good scholars and authors with their pen having an inherent classy power. They are generally endowed with an incomparable talent.

Generally, Virgo people are good scholars and authors with their pen having an inherent classy power. They are generally endowed with an incomparable talent.

If in govt. jobs they generally contribute in administrative line wherein they earn many laurels for their excellence. They use more their brain than heart which keeps the vistas of success ever open before them.

Friends And Family

Friends – Virgos are problem solvers and make excellent counselors. This also means that they are fault-finders as they keep looking for problems to solve. They make excellent life long friends and establishes a robust relationship with people they care about. If you are a close friends with a Virgo then you must have done some good deeds for them.

Darling of friends, they will receive active cooperation from their acquaintances and carry an aura of honor and respect around them. Virgo’s ruler Mercury shows the qualities of the planet it is influenced by.

Family – People born in the sign Virgo are utmost caring, they make excellent nurses and like to care for sick and elderly people. They are devoted to their family. They are responsible and loves their heritage.

It is a planet asserting equality and hence can’t remain unaffected by the atmosphere or company around it. With the result, a noble company makes it noble and a bad company makes it bad as well. Hence such people must eschew bad company. Also they must check their weakness of trying to remain cynosure of every gathering.

Love Life

Sperm count in such people is invariably low and such men have very scanty beard. Women are good looking and kind hearted but fails to find love.

Zodiac Characteristics

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