Has your property proved lucky for you? Do your horoscope show any strength on this front? Owing a house is a dream of everyone in life. A house can bring your best time in life if purchased at the right time.
Your success largely depends upon the time when you bought your house.


4th house of your birth charts provides insights about property prospects of an individual along with 12th house Lord and Lagna which plays a significant role.

This property prospect prediction report are valuable for individuals or organizations who are either in Business or opting to start something on their own. Astrologer Rahul Gupta gives you a detailed property prospect report.

This property prospect report shall cover the following:

  • Analysis of your horoscope for property prospects
  • Profit is indicated from a certain property?
  • Dasha’s favorable for property gain for the native
  • Auspicious time to buy property
  • When to sell?
  • Remedies for betterment and Enhancement


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