Marriage And Family


Still looking for your perfect match? In a relationship but want to take the next big step? What is causing delay in your marriage? Find out when will you get married, how your partner is going to be, the factors that will affect your married life and how to get rid of tensions and arguments out of your married life.


Using only ancient Vedic astrology, Astrologer Rahul Gupta will help you, guide you in choosing the best match and having a happy married life. Is your spouse your soul mate? Is there “Mangalik Dosha”? And with marriage you also look forward for a happy family. Becoming parents is the next blissful thing for a happy married life. Find out about your marriage possibilities, marriage date, compatibility and married life.
In Hindu culture, marriage is a sacred institution and is of great importance. Predictions regarding a couple’s marriage and married life is given equal importance. Is it a perfect match? Get to know the compatibility based on 8 different aspects of life. Leave and lead a happy married life, solve your problems.
Find out compatibility between you and your spouse, what factors are affecting (if any) arguments between the couple, progeny prospects, level of physical satisfaction between the couples and lots more. Is there Mangal Dosha in one or both the horoscopess.

You will also get to know:

  • Arrange marriage or love marriage
  • Marriage prospects (if still not married or re marriage), characteristics of spouse and compatibility. Life Partner (About his/her personality looks and more)
  • Indications for re-marriage, divorce and late marriage
  • Mutual attitudes of partners towards family, children, finance, each others career, business and other future prospects
  • Mangal dosha or Kuja dosha and if it will have any malefic effect
  • Their understanding towards each other, their attitude towards family, children, health, future prospect etc. Match-making score and analysis also known as Ashtakut vichar


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