Going Abroad Prospects


Hard work, talent and grabbing every opportunity that comes on the way makes us successful, still all this factors may not yield desired results, destiny does play a significant role ultimately.


There is a general influence of every planet on a person throughout his life but there are certain periods where a planet reign over the others, this selective period is known as Dasha. Do you have such dashas that favors your going abroad prospects.

We go for a country which we choose either to pursue higher studies or get the perfect job and to lead a happy successful life. There are multiple reasons to travel abroad which also includes experiencing the new culture.The splendid infrastructure, ritzy lifestyle, majestic and eye-catching buildings allure all of us to go abroad.

Nowadays travelling abroad has been considered as an acquirement and success in a person’s life. So it is very obvious that any normal human being will want to achieve this accomplishment in their life to show a successful path.

This going abroad prospects, report shall cover:

  • Explanation of your birth charts/Horoscope
  • Find out if there is any Malefic doshas in your horoscope
  • Effects and taking advantage of auspicious period of the doshas
  • Current Dasha period
  • Auspicious timings


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