2018 Horoscope for the 12 Zodiac Signs


2018 is here and AstroGupta brings to you its noteworthy and outstanding 2018 Horoscope. 2018 is here and we all want to know how this new year would be for each one of us? Well, AstroGupta presents to you “Free Annual 2018 Horoscope”. Get to know about your Health, Business/Trade and Money, Home, Family, Love and Relationships, Career, Love Affairs and Friends, Losses, Untoward Incidents, Journeys in 2018.

AstroGupta’s 2018 Horoscope is based on your Moon sign.

2018 Horoscope – An Overview

2018 would not be as raging as 2016 – 2017. Saturn and Jupiter are within a pleasant space this would ensure good financial prospects. As Saturn and Ketu move closer to each other War may break out in the eastern part of the world. By the end of 2018 war seems eminent but let us all hope such a crisis is diverted. India too would get caught up in this as Mars starts to retrograde in July 2018.

According to the horoscope of India, she is going to have a great time this year. India will proceed on the path of progress despite all the obstacles. People will prosper. Their incomes will increase. The government will earn enormous revenue. It will succeed in its attempt to make people accept GST. Although the attempts to stop the black money will fail, the government will succeed in encouraging the masses towards digital transactions. Taxation will be made easier. Planets are favorable for the agrarian class. Thus, government will come up with many policies of their benefit. The opposition parties will do all they can to create hurdles for the government. They will not let the government to rest in peace for even short time.

Rainfall will be average this year. Many states of India will face flood, this will have negative impact in the production. The government may have to use its buffer stock because of low agriculture produce. Few railway accidents may occur and natural disasters may hit the Eastern coast.

The current year may not be very good for the Prime Minister. He will be criticized for many of his decisions. A major religious issue may get resolved this year. Tensions at the border will continue, but the PM may take some bold decisions to keep the oppositions on the back foot. A bad time for Pakistan has started. Its downfall has begun. In few years, we will see its disintegration. At least two important political leaders will pass away this year. This year will also end the political careers of at least two important leaders forever.


2018 Horoscope for all the 12 Zodiac Signs ↓

Aries 2018

Zodiac Sign Aries 2018 Horoscope2018 will bring consolations and good opportuities, contradicting the challenges and hard times you faced last year, indicated in the Aries 2018 Horoscope. Aries, you will get ample opportunities in career as well as in general to elevate yourself . . .

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Taurus 2018

Zodiac Sign Taurus 2018 HoroscopeTaurus, plan ahead, 2018 horoscope will make you face challenges. Huge amount of new opportunities and progress are going to come your way and in numerous forms. Keep yourself focused, the huge magnitude of new occurences could diminish your chances . . .

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Gemini 2018

Gemini, you will be very imaginative and constructive this year. Although your ideas will fly, they won’t formulate into results that often. Your mind will remain indulged in creative ideas related to your work and thus you might undertake stupendous projects . . .

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Cancer 2018

Cancer 2018 Horoscope predicts a year of development and excellent income propects. Your confidence level would remain very high and so would your temper, you would remain energetic as well in what ever you perform in 2018   . . .

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Leo 2018

Zodiac Sign Leo 2018 HoroscopeLeo 2018 Horoscope stipulates a year when actual happenings and your conceptions would mingle resulting in specific difficulties that you haven’t dealt in the past few years. The progress you made in the recent years . . .

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Virgo 2018

Zodiac Sign Virgo 2018 HoroscopeVirgo 2018 Horoscope foretells excellent financial prospects and accomplishments at work. However you will distant yourself from your family and your love life will be turbulent as pursue your goals . . .

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Libra 2018

Zodiac Sign Libra 2018 HoroscopeLibra 20018 Horoscope indicates mixed fortunes, an amalgam of good and bad. Your ambitions will steadily rise adn you must promote in order to be successful. Your will be very energetic this year, you will feel revived and energised as a new period of good growth will begin . . .

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Scorpio 2018

Zodiac Sign Scorpio 2018 HoroscopeScorpio, 2018 indicates that opportunities would be hard to come by and new projects may not take off as planned. But the consolation is that your ongoing projects / venture won’t face any slowdown . . .

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Sagittarius 2018

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius 2018 HoroscopeA mixed bag of opportunities and challenges to ensue in 2018 for Sagittarius. You would remain in a happy & rejoicing state of mind while dealing with personal issues simultaneously. You would disregard consequences while reclaiming the lost ground during 2016 and 2017. 

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Capricorn 2018

Zodiac Sign Capricorn 2018 HoroscopeCapricorn, the highlights of 2018 would be your job, crucial life decisions, partnerships and love & relationships. You would get a boost of success through new ventures and opportunities, this will keep you lively and mostly occupied with your job throughout the year . . .

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Aquarius 2018

Zodiac Sign Aquarius 2018 Horoscope2018 would be defined by a long period of success. 2016 and 2017 was very restless and troublesome, this year, in 2018 you are in a mindset to gain and grow because you believe in the hard work you have done in the past. Overseas opportunities would bring excellent luck . . .

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Pisces 2018

Zodiac Sign Pisces 2018 HoroscopePisces, your 2018 Horoscope indicates that your progress will be hindered by circumstances beyond your control, you will be confined and won’t able to carry out as per your plans, this turn of events would antagonize and anger you. Your thoughts would be in overdrive . . .

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