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Are yout at an intersection in life where career, finance, business, marriage, love, children or similar issues or personal problems are the dominant factors that could effect your future?

Consult Astrologer Rahul Gupta.

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Astrologer Rahul Gupta

Astrologer Rahul Gupta awarded Jyotish KovidCelebrity Astrologer Rahul Gupta, Jyotish kovid and “A TRUE VEDIC ASTROLOGER”.

A scholar of the ancient scriptures and a profound astro researcher. He is lovingly called “AstroGupta”, hence the title of the site. Over 20 years of experience in “Jyotish”, Indian astrology.

Predictive accuracy over topics which is of interest and importance for an individual such as marital compatibility, progeny, profession, financial stability, love life, education & career and many more. Read More →

Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

Vedic astrology sageVedic Astrology or Jyotish is an ancient Vedic predictive system which can reveal one’s past, present and future.

Indian astrology has its roots in Vedas, the ancient Vedic scriptures and is famous for the accuracy in predicting the events of one’s life. This astrology system is flourished from thousands of years in India and a core part of Indian society.

The Vedic astrology system differs from the western astrology in many ways. Read More →

What is Free Astro Advice?

What is the Free Astro Advice ? It's self explanatory, it's Free Astrology Advice by renowned Astrologer Rahul Gupta. A service that's unique to the, an Astrology portal. Your questions are answered with utmost importance and care. Pinpoint answers to...

Matchmaking & Relationship Compatibility Using Vedic Astrology

Motivating force & activating desire are the main factors of a good relationship, and among relationships, marriage is of utmost importance because its bearing is much beyond the two partners. This is where Vedic Astrology and "Matchmaking" can help the couple decide...

Numerology And Numbers

Numerology is basically the study of Numbers and their influence on individuals. Numerology is a secret science, "a secret" in which the good and the bad, the future and the past of a man is hidden?. Numerology in combination with astrology has gained world-wide...

Vastu Shastra – Plan With Nature And Architectural Harmony

Vastu is a vedic science pertaining to cosmic architecture based on fundamental principles of physics that every physical object has, in and around it, electro-magnetic field that influences and gets influenced by electro-magnetic fields of other objects in the...

Astrology & Education

It is very important for everyone to know which field will be beneficial for education for us. Many times it happens that we keep struggling in those subjects which are not for us and nothing is gained. So it is the duty of an astrologer to guide properly which fields...


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I am writing to you after a long time but I had to thank you, I am now the MD of my company and this was possible thanks to your remedies
SanjayHaryana, India
Thanks for your predictions, my wife and I thank you from the depth of our heart, it was a lovely thing that you mentioned about our new born
AyushaLos Angeles, U.S.A
I ordered your service as its so low price and especially since its for entire life which I should say are very good features. Anyway nice layout and detailed prediction, also things I have asked even after receiving the product seemed to be answered by you via email very quickly. I also like the fact that you will give free advise on the Entire Life’s Prediction whenever I ask you. Let’s see whether the predictions help me or not. Thanks
MeghaGujrat, Ahmedabad, India
Thank you so much and a little bit worried too. Yes, you are right and me staying here is not helping our relationship. But thanks again. You are a awesome guy and very good astrologer.
Anamika RaikarAustin, Texas, U.S
Your predictions are very easy to understand, unlike other website & astrologers whose reports have contradictory statements, your were precise. Thank you for such a detailed life’s prediction, I am sure that your guidance will help me get success in life.
Manish Kumar AnandSan Diego, U.S.A
I have consulted many astrologers but all I got are incomplete answers. I was hoping the same for your Entire Life’s Prediction as I thought answers will be in riddles but I was wrong and I apologies Sir. Your Entire Life’s Prediction is truly an unique service available on the web not only is the predictions to the point but also I even got to know interlinked issues such as my marriage. Thank you Sir
DevPalghat, Kerala, India
I have ordered life’s prediction from other websites before as well but all I got were few predictions hopefully done by an astrologer and rest were just computer generated “Dasha” period which were of no use to me. But thanks to you now I truly have my Entire Life’s Prediction, I also would like to thank you for detailing all the prediction yourself, I cannot imagine how much time you have given to each of the prediction.
Kriti DasToronto, Canada
I was facing some problems in my love life and finance wise, you really helped me out with this Entire Life’s Prediction. I thank you for that. I really couldn’t afford the same service on other websites but the one you are providing is very much affordable. Thank you Gupta ji.
Neha GuhaNew Jersey, U.S.A
I really don’t know anything about “Vedic astrology”. I was just amazed to see that you are providing prediction for Entire Life for such a low price thus I ordered. I must say what you sent me is very good, its showing all prediction on all sector of life and its for entire life. Nicely done. Some have proved true as well in the past month.
Jason O LoyeBan couver, Canada
Thank you for such a guidance on my Financial prospects, I will definitely follow your suggestions
Rahul SinghPunjab, India

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